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My Personal Narrative

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My Best Game Yet



     "Alright guys!"   coach Belloli said. It was the tournament for the Red Cedar Basketball League, and East Lansing was facing Laingsburg. 

     "The coach of Laingsburg, one of my old friends, is boasting that his team is going to beat us. We're not going to let that happen, are we?''

    "No!" we all replied. 

     So then the game started. Nick Beekman won the tip for us and we got the ball. We ran one of our plays and passed the ball a little bit and had an open shot. Joe Benbraham shot the ball and scored, a 3-0 lead. As the game went on, we managed a small lead, 18-14 at the end of the first quarter. I sat out half of the second quarter then went back in. That's wwhen things started to change. I started to realize how much rebounds I was getting. Then I made a jump shot and a lay-up and we were up by six. 

     " Good job, guys!" coach yelled. "Keep it up!"

     In the third quarter, we were losing our lead, 30-30,  then Laingsburg scored. Coach Belloli called a time out.

     "Come on, guys,'' coach said. "let's keep our heads in the game." He kept me in the game, and we kept playing. I made another jump shot on a fast break and put us up by two. I kept pulling in rebounds somehow, though I had never been good at getting them.

     At the end of the third quarter, I was exhausted, so coach let me take a rest. I came back into the game with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. Those last two minutes seemed like forever. Then I made a lay-up and Sam Watters made a jump shot to go ahead by four 30 seconds left. I was so happy when Sam made that shot. Finally, the game ended. The score was 60-56 and we won. It was the highest scoring game coach Belloli's team had ever had. My stats were 8 points, 2 steals, and something like 10 rebounds. East Lansing ended up winning the tournament when we beat Mason twice in a row. But I thought the Laingsburgh game was even better. "Good job." my Dad said as we were heading to my next game. 

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