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The Pushcart War : by Jean Merril

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                                                                      Book: The Pushcart War
                                                                      Author: Jean Merril

                                                                      Book report by: Elijah M
        He aimed and shot "ffffft" went the tire of the truck as it went along until it couldn't move because of its flat tire. The Pushcart War was the book I  to do my report on. The book starts out in " Old New York " There are many characters in the book that I will introduce to you later in the book
        The trucks are crowding out all the cars and making traffic worse, as if traffic wasn't bad in New York at the time. People are starting to blame trucks for the traffic and the truck companies are starting to get worried for their businesses. the trucks want to blame someone for the traffic and blame the pushcarts even though there were only 500 in New York. The trucks have now started to crash into pushcarts and the first was Morris the Florist, and that got the pushcart peddlers, Maxie Hammerman, Frank the Flower, and Anna really angry.
        But the real reason the pushcart war began was because of the movie star Wenda Gambling on T.V. said that she thought the trucks were making the traffic worse. As the war went on the pushcart peddlers came up with an ingenious plan to shoot peas with pins in them into truck tires so the trucks had flat tires to show who really was making the traffic worse.
        But eventually Frank the flower gets caught and confesses to shooting all the 5000 something tires down in a week to save all the other peddlers and is put in jail. what do you think the peddlers will do? I suggest this to 8+ year olds because it is funny and fun to read for all ages. it really captures your attention and you don't want to stop reading it, that is why I finished it in 2 days. It should be in many of your local libraries.

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