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     Imagine going to bed after the worst day of your life,then waking up to a head of snakes and finding out your aunt is Medusa. Seems impossible, right? Dusssieby Nancy Springer tells the story of Dusie and how she deals with this scary phenomenon.


     Dusie has never thought of herself as special. Just normal. Normal girl with normal friends, normal mom, normal, phone, normal hair and normal crush. But that all changes when she wakes up with 27 snakes on her head( who constantly scream in her head) finds out her mother is the third gorgon, is older than the United States and her "famous sculptures" used to be real people.


     At first, Dusie thought her life was over. Then unexpected fortune riddle tells her a way to get rid of her snakes. Forced by her mother, and a new hairstyle- she goes to school relentlessly. On the way, she is more tense than usual because of recent events.. When her crush, who also rides the subway- gets to close to unveiling her secret she rips of her disguise and stares at him. Surprised by the results, she runs home.


     She refuses to go to school anymore. Dusie thinks this is all her mom's fault because if she  explained this condition earlier, she would be more prepared. She resorts to going to the library to study her snakes, and get away from her mom. She comes across an old man named Cy she comes to a liking to. She learns a lot about her snakes. She also can now tell the different voices of her king snakes and queen snakes and corn snakes and garden snakes that are inside her head.


     As the story continues, you learn alot about Dusie, her mom and her snakes. As you read Dusssie by Nancy Springer you will feel compeled to turn the page. I enjoyed the book for it's reality of how a young teenage girl feels and acts. it is an especially good read for anyone intrested in mythology. Nancy Springer does a good job of painting the characters with personalities so different from each other. Dusssie is a book that resembles perseverance, sacrifice, and to follow your dreams.           


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