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the underland chronicles book review

Page history last edited by danielf 10 years, 5 months ago

    i recommend this book to everybody who wants to read the book. the characters are gregor ripred luxa boots vikus. the story takes place in new York at his house and miles beneath the ground a city called regalia. but his mom banned him to the gateway to the city of regalia when miss cormaci brought him to to do some work so she sent him to do the laundrey and there was a letter in the  in the laundrey room from vikus to come now because there has been a bad plaque and he has to find the cure for his freinds before they die from the plaque but he was almost too late his mom and his bat Aires got sick. this is a awesome book I recommend you to read this book it has action and drama and some intensity to make you keep reading.

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