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FLUSH book review by: Joe b

Page history last edited by joe 10 years, 7 months ago


By:Carl Hiaasen

        "Its time for operation royal FLUSH" this book is how a casino boat called the Coral Queen is dumping peoples waste from their toilet's into the thunder beach's water and the Underwood's decided to do something about something about it. This book is written by Carl Hiaasen the title of the book is called FLUSH.

     The story takes place in keys, Florida. The main main characters are Noah underwood, Abby underwood, Pyane Underdood, Donna Underwood, Mr.Mulman, Jasper Jr., Bull, grandpa Bobby, Lice Pekking, Shelly, Luno, and a couple detectives. The plot of the story is a dad (Pyne Underwood) who witnesses that the Coarl Queen  dumping peoples waste into thunder beaches water and decides to sink the coral queen but just ends up going to jail and the get the coral queen out of the water. The mom (donna underwood) is not the happiest person about all this so she starts talking with her mom and Noah hears her use the "D" word (divorce) and so Noah goes and visits his dad but doesn't say anything about it so the dad doesn't worry. So the dad has to try and spread the word that the coral queen is dumping peoples waste into Thunder Beaches water so he does a commercial about it on channel 10. So when Mr. Mulman sees the commercial he makes a deal with Pyne  has to go to anger-managing for a couple classes and he has to pay for all damages to the coral queen also he would be but under house arrest. So the kids (Abby and Noah) have a devise plan to catch these guys purple handed.      

     I strongly recommend this book to who ever likes an action adventure that gets you off your seat and makes you want to never stop reading it also who ever likes to get surprised with a conflict at every turn. I haven't read any other book by Carl Hiaasen but by how good this one was you should start saving your allowance to at least get a couple books of his books. This book applies to my life and maybe yours is that in life there will be a lot of conflicts but the thing that matters is how you react to those conflicts and if you react the right way then something will go right for you "what ever comes around goes around"~ Donna Underwood           

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AKabodian said

at 6:54 pm on Oct 26, 2013

This sounds like one I may want to check out, Joe. Nice job.

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