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The Maelstrom

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The threat of Prusias's demon army is ever moving closer. Can Max McDaniels, David Menlo, and a few thousand refugees defeat the most powerful army in their world?



     My book, The Maelstrom by Henry Neff, is a great, suspenseful book. It is the fourth book in its series, called The Tapestry.It is about a teen-aged boy, well, godling, named Max McDaniels. His best friend, the second most powerful sorcerer in the world, David Menlo (the most powerful is David's grandfather). Max, David, and their old school must stand up to the demon superpower, Prusias.

     In the beginning, Max is just returning to Rowan (his school, also the base for the "good guys") from the demon kingdom Blys. He gets stopped by a patrol of refugees guarding Rowan. It is at this point the thousands of refugees seeking haven at Rowan are introduced. Max goes to meet the Director, Mrs. Richter. Before Prusias decided to take over the world, Mrs. Richter was the headmistress of Rowan Academy. 

     Rowan receives an unexpected guest, a "diplomat" demon from Blys, threating to go to war with Rowan if they do not surrender David's grandfather, Elias Bram, and Max's spear, the gae bolga. They have three days to make a decision. This demon also gives them the news that the Atropos, or a group of spirits who decide how long each mortal lives, have put his name in their Grey Book. This means he should be dead, and the Atropos will stop at nothing to make sure he dies.

     Max and David get an assignment to go into Blys for two reasons: to spy on Prusias's army and get Zenuvian iron from a trademistress named Madam Petra. It is during this journey Max finds out just who he is being hunted by.

There are many more twists and turns in the plot, and much more suspense. Read the book for yourself to find out the end!

          I do recommend this book for other readers, but I suggest you start with the first book in the series. It is very much fantasy, and very strange fantasy in some places. I think these traits make it even more exciting!


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October 17th, 2013

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