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The Land of Stories (The Enchantress Returns)

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A Book Review. By: Anna Beer



    The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns, written by Chris Colfer follows Alex and Conner Bailey, 13 year old twins, who are trying to rescue their mother and grandmother from the Enchantress, using the Wand of Wonderment, which gives the user the power of invincibility.

      Alex and Conner have been imprisoned by Mother Goose, who turns out to be not much of a goose, and when Alex discovers that her missing mother has been kidnapped by Ezmia, the Enchantress, she finds a way to escape to her grandmother's cottage in the woods. Alex finds a painting of the Ugly Duck Pond, which is a secret portal to the Otherworld; the Land Of Stories.

       The twins find their way to the Fairy Council meeting, where their grandmother and the rest of the Council are confronted by the Enchantress. She captures the twins grandmother in a jar,and disappears. Alex and Conner travel to Froggy and Queen Red Riding Hood's palace and find a spell that will help get their mother and grandmother back. They must collect the prized possessions of the 6 most hated people in the land. They make a flying ship called the Granny, and set out on their adventure. Their crew includes Jack, Goldielocks, Red, Froggy, Alex and Conner. Their first stop is the Snow Queen's palace to steal her ice scepter, then the Evil Stepmother's Estate to receive her wedding ring without a problem, then the Giant's castle in the clouds to discover that his prized possession is already in their hands; the Golden Harp. Next they travel to the Sea Witch and trade her pearls for Goldielocks, but not to worry, she escapes before the Queen can get a hold of her. Then they travel to the Evil Queen's abandoned castle, where they collect a few pieces of the Magic Mirror. Last but not least was the Enchantress herself, Ezmia. Alex must steal the Enchantress's pride, as that is her prized possession. Soon Alex discovers that she doesn't need what she spent so much time looking for.


      The Land of Stories is a delightful story of friendship, trust and adventure. This page-turning book had me hooked, and I couldn't put it down! I recommend this book if you like comedy, fairy tales, adventure, or science fiction. I personally love this book, First because it is written by my favorite author, Chris Colfer, and because I couldn't put it down. Unfortunately, the next book doesn't  come out until Fall 2014, and this book ends on a real cliffhanger, so caution. :)



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