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my awesome book review on Fighting Tackle

Page history last edited by tylermi 10 years, 6 months ago

     Do you ever see a book and turn it away? Well not this one. My book was called "The Fighting tackle" by Matt Christopher. If sports books are what you read then this book is perfect. Terry Nicky and the coach are the main characters in the book. Terry loses his position at safety and gets stuffed at nose tackle and is learning his new position because he's getting slower and getting bigger at the same time. Nicky, Terry's brother, is mentally disabled and in the story is joining the track team because of his speed. At the time Terry is struggling at nose tackle and wants his position back so he starts to try and work his way back. But he's just cant do it. Terry begins to get used to nose tackle but him and his brother are mad at each other. When they go on a trip to get wood for the winter when terry goes in the truck and hits something that causes the truck to roll backwards. Dad tries to stop it and gets knocked out by the door terry sends nicky to go get help.  if you like sports books this book is the one tons of action and amazing situations you must read this book. Read the rest to find out what happens. 

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