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rough draft: Climate Change

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                                Climate Change                                  



Do you think we should do something about climate change? If you said yes, then you must read this!

We need Carbon Dioxide to keep u alive, but we're using a lot of carbon dioxide which is not good for the environment. Some people believe that there's enough plants in the world, so there's no need to worry. But that doesn't make any sense to me, because we're killing a lot of plants, some for reasons, and some for none.


In the second atmosphere, there was 78% of Carbon Dioxide and 21% of oxygen, which is really really bad. I don't think anyone was alive at that time! 

In the first atmosphere, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen are all mixed up all together, scientists are still trying to find out the percentages, because we're using them everywhere.


Some people believe that it isn't a good idea to change climate change, because the plants are doing the job. They think that we're just killing plants if we're lowering Climate Change. They say that there's over a billion of plants, and over a hundred billion of leaves, which is more than enough for us.


Most people believe that we should change Climate Change and use less wood. Now, we are using wood for nearly everything, chairs, benches, homes, doors, and a lot more. We are just killing plants and not just that, we're also decreasing the amount of oxygen in this earth.


I believe that we should change climate change today, or else, everyone will die any minute! are you scared right now? Me too, but there's no need to if you start decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide you use, such as heat, barbercue, driving, burning something, and a lot more.



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