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Andrel's Wiki Page




                                                                  Our Earth     


     The Earth is a desired place

     It's also a poor place too

     We have beautiful skys

     And polluted waters

     We have wonderful sports

     And terrible wars

     But yet, we try to make 

     Our Earth a better place

     We love our Earth.







                                                                               My example of a perfect Utopian Community


     What is a Utopia?  A Utopia is your amazing, terrific, dream, perfect place.  It would be amazing, nobody would be getting hurt, no sad people, and everyone would get a long.  One thing my perfect community would have would be having a lot of money and where you wouldn't have to worry about financial issues and buying things.  In addition, it would have good Law enforcement, so that it wouldn't have many crimes. The last thing is, good education, and not having to go to school for so long, and not five times a week.


     One example of the perfect Utopian community is a lot of money in the community.  If an area has a lot of money in the community, its a lot of things you wouldn't have to worry about that many robberies because, they would already have the item.  Also, people wouldn't be poor and homeless and would be wealthy.  However, people probably wouldn't need to work either because they would have enough money.


     Another thing my Utopian Community would have really good Law Enforcement.  If we have very good Law Enforcement, we also won't have as much crimes and wouldn't have to worry about robbers as much  either.  Law Enforcement would keep the community safe and a nice place to live. 


     The last example of my Utopian Community is, not going to school so much every week.  School shouldn't start at 8:05 A.M, where the students have to wake up at 6:45.  It should start at 12:00 P.M so that the students can get their rest and end at 4:45.  In addition, school should be four times a week so students have a 3 day break from school.  If we have too much school, most students will loose focus very easily and not pay attention to the teacher.


     That is my example of a perfect Utopian World.  From money, to good Law Enforcement, and lastly not as much school.  These are all very important to us because, if we don't have any of these things, our area would not succeed how we are, and take a great drop just like Detroit.  What's a Utopia?  It's your own perfect, dream world






     Tigers are some of the most ferocious animals in the world, and since they are becoming scarce, there's only very few of them now.  They're very unique animals too and they're also very vicious.  If we don't do anything about this problem, in the next 100 years, they may become extinct.  We have to help them not become extinct.


     There are a lot of different types of tigers.  In fact, there are nine different hybrids of them.  Their names are Sumatran, Siberian,  Bengal, South China, Malayan, Indo-Chinese, Bali, Javan, and Caspian.  The biggest tiger of all of them is the astonishing Bengal.  This is also the most common tiger of them all too.  In addition, they grow up to be 857 lbs, and 11.1ft.  Each Tiger's lifespan is a bout 20 years.  Their natural habitat is the grasslands and the forest.  In addition, they have amazing hearing.  They can hear in antelope from 5 miles a way just walking.


     Tigers are predators and they're at the top of the food chain, but they have predators too.  Their predators are only humans, large elephants, and bears.  We kill Tigers by either poisoning them, hunting them, and trapping them.  These all help lead to extinction and population decrease.  However, tigers eat a wide range of animal sizes, anywhere from termites to elephants.  They also go on diets when they need to.  The females don't typically go on diets but the males do a round mating season.


    Tigers have a wide range of behaviors, from very kind to vicious.  If a tiger has it's tail loosely hanging, it's relaxed. If it has it's tail moving side-to-side rapidly, it's ready to attack.  That's how they communicate with eachother, by using their tail or just simply by roaring.  Also, sometimes but very rarely, Tigers breed with Lions to form Tigons and Ligers. Tigers are very vicious and territorial, especially around their cubs.  When a tiger gets angry, the tiger may roar, and you can hear a tiger roar up to 1.8 Miles away.  Tigers usually hunt at night so that their prey can't see them that easily, and hunt alone at night. In tropical areas, where most tigers live, their mating season is in late November through April.  Over the past 100 years, tigers decreased by a whole 97%.  


    This Species is becoming endangered very fast, and at this rate, if we don't help them, they will become extinct in 22 years.  In addition, there are more tigers held privately for show, instead of in the wild.  This is good and bad because the people are taking care of them but, at the same time, the tiger can't reproduce to make more tigers.  We need to help find a solution to help our wonderful tigers.🐅🐅 



                             Sources I used 


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Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: f694ce8949dd4062a0f8cb7f3d424b2f






     I believe that I am very good balanced 7th grader.  I am mostly cooperative, a good helper, having respect, and faith.  I am good at being honest, but I need to work on that.


     I would love to be a personal trainer one day, I am also pretty fit and shape.  I play sports all the time and I love to go to the gym to workout.  On personal training, you only train one person at a time, up on their request.


     When I get older, I want to be a professional basketball player, and play in the NBA.  In addition, my second job would be to work at Footlocker.



                                                                                                                             Look at the white snow

                                                                                               It looks beautiful outside

                                                                                                      I hate the winter



                                                                                                     I want summer back :( 

                                                                                                        I love the warm sun     

                                                                                                         I miss the summer


                                                                                                         I like basketball

                                                                                                   It's my favorite sport by far

                                                                                                    I play in the summer


                                                                                                    Michigan weather.......

                                                                                                      It is really confusing

                                                                                                     There is snow in fall


                                                                                                      I hate all the snow!!

                                                                                                  All of the cars get stuck driving

                                                                                                        I hate the snow!!


                                                                                                                        Friends, friends, we love them

                                                                                                They're always by our side

                                                                                                       We love them a lot


                                                                                                Sports, sports, sports I love

                                                                                                 Basketball, football, and more

                                                                                                        I live for my sports






                                                  Future, here we come 


 One day, me and my friends Michael David built a time machine to the future to the year 2050.  It took a lot of modeling and time to build this certain time machine.  We were about to learn what life was like in 2050. 


     "Woahhhhh, this is amazing," we all said. There were flying cars, self tying shoes, iPhone 35's, no key needed cars, and robots.  "OMG, its a robot," I say!!!  Next, we went to the weapons shop, which has all their current bombs, weapons, and armor.  They had 20 new types of bombs, 10 new types of guns, and three new more protective armors.


     They even had time machines to their future and their time machines were way bigger than ours was because, they had more people to help build the machine.  After that, we went to Meijers to see all of the new technology that they have now.


     "I can't believe this", David said.  That was when we saw the iPad Air 48, it had stuff on that I cant even think of now.  Their new iPads had this new game called Flappy Surf, they had every thing that you could do on an iPhone including calling, more games, and Aps.


     In our whole adventure, there was only one bad part to this all, it was the deaths of people.  All of our grandparents had died of old age, and we were all really sad.  However, we found out the day they would die, so that we could help them survive longer here on the Earth where we came from.


     One thing that me and Michael were interested in were their shoes.  Me and Michael loved shoes period, but especially the ones that we never saw before though.  So then, after that, we all went to Footlocker to look at all the new Jordan shoes.  We both bought five new pairs of shoes to take back with us in the future, so that we could sell them so that we could get a lot of money for the shoes.


     We stayed there for three days and we left in the morning on the 4th day.  Those beds were AMAZING, every bad that they had was a waterbed, but it was hard to sleep because, the water sounds and the constant turning.  However, everything in the future cost more money then the stuff does in our time.  "I loved this trip, it was amazing," we all said at once.  "I can't wait to see how our future will be, I hope it's amazing just like our adventure was," David said.  "I just can't wait."







I read the book, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Third Wheel," written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney.  The book is mainly about how Gregg Heffley grew up and his childhood.  The beginning of the book is about how Gregg Heffley was in his mother's stomach.  When he was in his mother's stomach, she and his dad would play music and use a microphone to talk to him.  Also, his mother would like to eat a whole bunch of different foods, some, Gregg would not like at all.  When he did not like it, he would pull on his mother's umbilical cord to let her know, but when he did like it, he would not do anything, except sit back, relax, and enjoy the meal.  In the middle of the story, it talked about it being Valentines Day and this girl that Gregg liked, Abigail.  Abigail however, liked Gregg's best friend, Rowley Jefferson .  Regardless, Gregg would still try to impress her by doing bike stunts, writing her love letters, and sing songs about her.  One day, Abigail had had enough, she embarrassed Gregg in the school cafeteria, and after she did that, he stopped trying to impress her. At the end of the story, it tells about Rowley and Abigail going to the prom together, and how upset and jealous Gregg was about this.  Gregg would show his jealousy by trying to pull pranks on them, his attempts always failed though.  One successful attempt however, was when Gregg found out that Rowley and Abigail had exchanged chocolate hearts with each other, as gifts for prom, and he ate them all.  I would definitely recommend this book because, it is very humorous, easy to understand, relatable, and even though the book says "Diary," it is written like a regular story.




                                                           P.E. in middle school


                                                          By: Andrel Anthony Jr.


     Every kid in middle school should be required to take Physical Education (P.E.).  I feel that it is important for all middle schoolers to take Physical Education because it helps in reducing the chance of them being overweight and/or obese.  It would also raise the rate of the number of people being in shape, as well as increase the chance that they would participate in different sports and other physical activities.                  


     My first reason is, all middle schoolers need to take P.E because being physically active helps reduce obesity.  A Time Study shows that if you are considered over weight at age five, that is a clue that you may be obese by the time you reach middle school.  In the world right now, 450 million kids are obese.  In our state alone, Michigan has one in 14 people overweight, and one in 17 people are obese.  Also, once you are obese, it is really hard to lose weight because you will be very lazy and just want to eat and not get up and around.                      


      My second reason is all middle schoolers should take P.E. because, it raises the number of people being in shape.  If people are active and in shape, you will not have to worry about being overweight and especially obese.  In addition, if you are in shape, of course you will eat, but not as much as someone that is that is overweight and not doing anything to work it off.  Also, you will want to get active and move around.               


      My last reason is, all middle schoolers should take or be required to take physical education because, it opens up new opportunities for students.  It allows students to play a lot of sports, such as, basketball, track, football, and many more.  Also, all of these reasons connects because if you are not obese, and you are in shape, or at least not overweight.  It opens up opportunities for you to experience and participate in a variety of sports and other physical activities. Most sports are fun too, my favorite is football though.                 


     All of these reasons connect because if you are not obese, then you are able to get in shape a lot easier than someone that is obese, and that opens up new opportunities for you to play a variety of different sports.  That is why I think all middle schoolers should be required to take P.E.



                                                                   works cited 

Blue, Laura. "Being Overweight Is Linked to Lower Risk of Mortality | TIME.com." Time. Time, n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.


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